Dug In Hydraulic Containers with Rear Loading


  • ALENCON systems of trash digging in follow an innovative waste management concept with multiple advantages:
  • It distinguishes by its incorporated safety measures, the durability of equipments and resistance of materials.
  • The only Company in the field that offers a warranty of 3 years.
  • It facilitates the environment protection due to the waste classification.
  • Eliminates the mess and smells from public roads.
  • Avoids vandalism due to their formal design, as well as by the specific characteristics of its materials.



  • It represents that part of the container that serves as garbage receptor and it represents the element located at the street’s base. The pipes undergo a degreasing, phosphating, impressing and dyeing process.
  • The case in which the bag is inserted is made of stainless steel and has a detaining mechanism that makes it stay closed continuously.

Hydraulic platform

  • It has a solid structure, a base on which the containers are placed.
  • It is lifted with the help of 4 cylinders supplied by the collecting truck with hydraulic fluid necessary for their lifting.
  • The driver actuates the device through a flexible hose and a standard rapid grip or with the help of a remote control.
  • The connection of this hose to the hydraulic circuit can be made with an independent station.

The upper platform

  • Can bear loads of 1.600 Kg in repose.
  • Has a perimetral set that assures the equipment’s sealing.
  • It is designed in such way that it can attenuate some humps of the public road of up to 6%.
  • The lid’s finishing is made in plate form and allows us to give the platform the road’s finishing (glaze – granite – stone pavement – etc.)
  • Heat zinc coating.

Installation, in four steps

  • The excavation of a pit.
  • A compacted gravel layer of 300 mm will be applied in order to adjust the land at the base of the pit.
  • Then it will proceeded to the installation of a concrete bucket with the equipment inside.
  • CT equipment adjustment.

Warranty 5 years