About us

Who we are:

ALENCON is a pioneer company in Romania on the powerful market of digging in RSU containers that are located on public roads.

Alencon contributes with its equipments to the creation of cleaner, modern and inhabitable cities.
The nervous centre of design, production and distribution of its products is located in Timisoara.


The quality and safety of our products determine them to represent a reference term at the level of the Spanish and European Territory. The permanent research and development make Alencon equipments the best QUALITYPRICE ration on the market.

The advantages of the dug in Alencon containers are:

  • HYGIENE. Easiness when washing.
  • DESIGN. Elegant, resistant and functional.
  • SAFETY. Fitted with safety platforms.
  • MODULARITY. The possibility of combining plastic and metallic parts.